Series: Venture Capital

The Market Is Wrong About Your Problems

What Voltaire and the Flaw at the Heart of Economics Have to Teach Us About Software That Doesn’t Exist.

Moving beyond Silicon Valley software companies

We need a new financing model to build new, better companies

If You Take Venture Capital, You’re Forcing Your Company To Exit

To understand venture capital, you must understand the consequences of how VCs return capital to their investors

Why the Most Successful VC Firms Keep Winning

The best companies seek out the most successful investors, and gains accumulate at the top

One Investor Isn’t Enough

A company’s success is highly reliant on peer validation of investor decisions. This stunts diversity and must change if we want the best founders working on the biggest opportunities.

Unicorns Distract Us from a Graveyard

Venture capital’s reliance on unicorns provides cover for the huge failure rate of startups, and investors make no effort to reduce it

Venture Capital Is Built on Serendipity

Software has as much potential as electrification or steam power, but instead the industry ignores markets and whole classes of people, which stunts how much it can affect our world

Venture Capital Is Ripe for Disruption

It’s time to develop new sources of capital for founders to help them solve their customer problems and avoid venture capital’s massive failure rate

Do I Hate Investors?

Of course not. But the fact that people think I do says a lot.

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