Series: Power tools

The Automator’s Dilemma

Automation is not to blame for all the job destruction and wage stagnation. But you can still do great harm if you build it for the wrong reasons.

The power of better tools

Power tools can help us cross the productivity gap. But we have to stop fear-mongering about automation.

The virtue of a tool

Vendor success should be about customer needs, not its own.

Great design is ruining software

The ubiquity of the smartphone and the cloud have convinced the world of the value of great software design, but we’ve over-reacted to their needs for simplicity.

Where does your work live?

Most of our software is confused about what job we’ve hired it for, and as a result it is not up to the task.

Software At the Coal Face

Software built for the people who do the work is the right ethical choice, a better business decision, and helps everyone around them.

Productivity Is Not About People

Our intuition around productivity is flawed when it comes to physical goods like cards, but it’s downright pernicious when dealing with digital products like software.

Abandoning Trello

Sometimes any change is good. But some change brings even more, such as this reminder of the value of apps over web sites.

Owning My Strava Ride

I know what it means to own my code contributions Github, but what does it mean to own my rides on Strava?

Extra Credit

It Shouldn’t Get Easier

Seek the skills and jobs you can invest your whole life in improving.

Why We Hate Working for Big Companies

Modern capitalism raises the flag of the free market while pitting centrally planned organizations against each other

The Market Is Wrong About Your Problems

What Voltaire and the Flaw at the Heart of Economics Have to Teach Us About Software That Doesn’t Exist

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